Sunday, 27 September 2015


The cosmos has the inherent qualities of diversity and duality. Diversity and duality exist with as much surety as the surety of water quenching thirst.
Diversity is in every aspect of existence, and duality is in everything that we experience.  But the strange and stubborn human mind with its brain tries to create uniformity by destroying diversity and tries to create a uniform  experience.
An experience of pleasure by eliminating suffering . Humans by their limited technological advancement try to eliminate suffering  but sure enough and  fail again and again .This endeavour is a the privileged characteristic of humans, but it is applied in the wrong direction since ages.
The Mahabharata speaks and presents this reality with great force. It does not impose the same like a diktat, rather  narrates it with history and logic.
The reality of life is to find order in chaos. This is the theme of the Mahabharata .
In other words even if we win there is an inherent disadvantage of some one else suffering. In loss there is an inherent advantage of learning a lesson of what does not work. In loving relationships there is the fear of losing  them. When we reflect upon this reality we realise that we shall experience this duality till we have this corporal existence.
Yudhisthira was the epitome of this understanding. Therefore he was reluctant to be intoxicated by victory or to be miserable in defeat. Position or power did not make him arrogant.Losing all that he had in an instant did not make him lament. This demenour  of his made him the most qualified in the eyes of Sri Krishna. He was qualified to sit on the throne as the dharma raja.
It's our choice whether to deny this reality or accept it . Reality in terms of duality and diversity exists anyway


  1. Thank you prabhuji for this nice article. I was miserably struggling with some situations in my life but this article really instilled lot of hope to be rightly situated. Peace is obtained by finding order in chaos by taking shelter of dharma in all situations and not trying to make artificial endeavors to turn chaos into uniformity.

  2. thank u so much for enlightening article .