Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Demonetisation– is not only the hot topic of discussion for an entire subcontinent but also a process demanding immediate responsive action.

From political opportunists to social reformists, from spiritual activists to economical analysts – everyone is either hustling to save their cash and/or debating fiercely against or for the move.

Was it the right decision?

The Epics Mahabharata and Ramayana never give a one sided perspective of any situation. They ordain that any decision has positives and negatives. Additionally, sometimes one is compelled to act despite the decision being positive or negative; there is no choice.


It is disruptive. For instance, Sri Krishna did not want the war, but the Kauravas impelled Sri Krishna to decide in favour of a war.

Did the war benefit the Pandavas?

They certainly knew the consequences were not black or white. It caused the death of Duryodhana, but it also took Abhimanyu’s life. Gandhari lost all of her sons, and Draupadi also lost her sons, brothers and father. Additionally, subsequent to the war, Pandava’s were acquainted to the fact that Karna was their older brother. 

The decision makers personally did not gain much profit. Yet, there was no other option than to destabilise the destabilisers. The malicious Kurus had stabilised the evil forces as if they were undefeatable. Reforming was only possible with immediate disruption, and what a disruption it was! It took many, many years to stabilise the country.

As an entire civilisation becomes habituated to living a life of avoiding, positive decisions, corruption piles up like an enormous mountain of garbage. Status quo can exist for some time; however, everyone knows that someone has to do something at one point. There is no other option than to create expansive discomfort for some time or even a long time. Moreover, destroying the bad is just one part of the progressive equation, but building the good is a greater challenge; that is the part which challenges our old die hard habits. Therefore, when we see something from the point of view of an old habit, any change appears to be unwarranted, illogical and unlimitedly inconvenient. It is vital to see any decision from the epic perspective, because they are ever fresh and relevant in their approach to life at all times; may it be dealing with demons, the divine or even demonetisation.

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