Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Bhima’s personality epitomises the pain of tolerating the intolerable.  When Dushyasana offended Draupadi, the law of justice called for immediate action against the culprit. But Bhima was bound by respect towards his elder brother and  he could do nothing. This pain of tolerating was more acute than the physical pain that Draupadi experienced.
He had to wait  for thirteen years before he could give  her justice.
He personified the quality of being affected by the pain of the weak, helpless, and abused, and at the same time being  unable to take action against them, even though  he had the power to punish.
If we are helpless and we lack power to punish  it is one thing but to be helpless when we have the power to help some one who deserves the help and  is desperate for it, and not able to help because of some sensitive reason, like order not coming from some one whom you respect is quite another thing.
In another situation the surrounding was unfriendly -- Once Kichaka, commander of King of Virata, was lusting after Draupadi he kicked Draupadi infront of Yudhishitra, Virata and Bhima. When Draupadi pleaded to King Virata to help her Virata, said “I do not now what must transpired between you and him". This insult infuriated  Bhima, he was ready to strike both Virata and Kichaka, by uprooting an entire tree, but Yudhisthira said to him, "what are you looking at the tree, there are many more trees in the forest which are dried, you can uproot them for your use.”  Yudhisthira was worried, that Bhima would kill them and their identity would be revealed before the incognito period was over and again they would be sent back to the forest for 12 years by Duryodhana.  Again Bhima was ready to help but helpless due to the unfavourable surrounding.
Usually real life is many times like Bhima’s situation, we have the power to give justice but the surrounding seems  to be unsuitable and one is forced by the power of time to wait for the right time to give justice. Sometimes power is right but the time is not right, some times, time is right but power is not there, power and time are right but surrounding is not favorable. Such situations create an extreme degree of pain, as Bhima  went through. Therefore when he saw everything was right in terms of time power situation and the culprit was in his presence, inviting his own brutal death Bhima,'s punishment was severe , whether it was Kichaka, Dushyashana or Duryodhana, he struck them like a volcano and a  hurricane.
Time is such a factor that it comes back to the shameless culprit, who go on with their nastiness, as if no one has the power to punish them, and time factor is also like Bhima who has the power but helplessly waits to punish.
Choice is ours whether to make time a factor like Bhima, which can be brutal or respect the time factor at all  times, and avoid being shameless like Dushyasana and Kichaka.

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