Saturday, 8 November 2014


A Leader is  one who sees every body in the society as having something to contribute.
He empowers people more and controls less. A manager on the other hand sees everybody as having some short coming and therefore sees people  as making mistakes. A manager is more control centric and less empowering.
A leader has a natural trust in people and he has to cultivate and struggle to find mistakes in his followers.
A manager on the hand has a critical mind set and therefore he has to struggle to trust people.
When a  leader and a manager work as a team they bring tremendous benefit to their organisation. On the other hand  when a leaders and a manager work and use their weak fortes to run an organization, they create disastrous results. When they combine their positive side --- A leader using his empowering and trusting  side and  the manager using his controlling and critical thinking side, it creates a steady growth at the organisational level.
Bhisma was empowering and trusting  and therefore he  did not see anything wrong in crowning  Duryodhana as king of Hastinapura.  He was willing to divide the kingdom and hoping that both the parties the Pandavas and the  Kauravas would work together. Vidura on the other hand was a critical thinker and could envisage the future damages.  Therefore from the very beginning he did not want Duryodhana to do anything with the royal lineage. He in fact very categorically told Dhritharasthra at the time of the birth of Duryodhana to abandon him.
Bhismadeva was hopeful about Duryodhana and Vidura was fearful of giving power to Duryodhana.  This conflict went on for  a long time, till the war broke out. 
When the leader and manager understand each other’s forte and weakness and help each other in seeing from a complete perspective, then the person whom they are seeing gets encouragement from the leader and discipline from the manager. If one gets only encouragement then one has the potential to become over confident, and if one  gets only correction and discipline, one loses the ability to function.
We need both in our life, Bhisma’s side and Vidura's side, then our growth would be real rather than imaginary.
Lord Krishna is a great harmonizer and the greatest encourager, and confidence giver,  He told Arjuna in the Gita, "You are born of divine qualities."  And when Arjuna was losing his composure and making a wrong decision,  the same Krishna was giving him a strong dose of the medicine of chastisement and critically analyzing Arjuna’s mistakes.
Therefore a good leader also has the flavour of a manager, and a good manager has the flavour of a  leader.  Finding such leaders and managers is our good fortune and working under them is the beginning of our success.
Therefore Gita has  a wonderful harmonizing effect of giving us confidence and giving us discipline.
Why not apply the beautiful teaching of gita and make our life more meaningful?

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