Sunday, 8 May 2016


Do we need to be compassionate only if we have resources?  The Ramayana sometimes may indicate this to us.
Sugriva was extremely hesitant in accepting Vibhishana as their ally, fearing that he might harm Sri Rama and Laxmana. Sugriva  was arguing and warning Sri Rama of the dangerous consequences.
Sri Rama was unmoved and made it clear to every one saying " I can trample the entire world what to speak of Vibhishana, with one of my little finger."
No one could dare abuse Sri Rama's kind heartedness, if they tried then he was competent enough.
Sri Rama had the ability, courage and unlimited power to take the risk of being compassionate to Vibhshana without fearing about the consequences.
Sri Rama had practicality in his compassion. Similarly Sri Krishna had compassion in his practicality too.
When Sri Krishna came as peace maker and the attempt failed the fate was sealed and war broke out.
Sri Krishna advised Karna to join the  Pandavas till Bhisma was living.  Since Bhisma and Karna had decided not to fight simultaneously till one of them was alive .
Sri Krishna was hoping to use Karna for breaking the confidence of the Kuravas, and at the same giving an opportunity to Karna to render some tangible service to dharma.
Karna declined the golden opportunity.
Whether one is qualified like Sri Rama to be compassionate to Vibhishana or Sri Krishna being practical towards Karna the foundational principle is the same.
It is an integral part of life rather than conflicting. Ordinarily our compassion is abused and attacked and our practicality lacks the  trace of humanness.
But the great Sri Rama and Sri Krishna  teach us eternal life lessons .
Are we learning?

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