Thursday, 5 May 2016


When Meghanath, the son of Ravana attacked the army of Sri Rama with the weapon of Brahmastra the  monkey army was reduced by one sixth. Some of the monkey chieftains survived even though attacked by this weapon. When Vibhishana, regained consciousness, he asked Jambhavana are you alright?  Jambhavana responded by raising a question whether Hanumana was living are not? 
Vibhishana was surprised  and asked Jambhavana, why was he not asking about Sri Rama or Laxmana's safety?  Jambhavana answered ,
" if Hanumana is alive then every one can be revived, but if Hanumana is gone we have no hope. "
Jambhavana's confidence in Hanumana is fascinating. One who was equally powerful in the past but currently was reduced to being less powerful had no regrets about being less powerful. He had the heart to find  some one who was better than him. Even in his unconscious conscious stage, Jambhavana was discerning about whose living will bring life .

Eventually Hanumana went to the north and brought the medicinal herb to revive one and all, but it was Jambhavana whose confidence in Hanumana played a key role in Hanumana  getting the medicinal  herb.

The victory of Sri Rama over Ravana is the story  of many  stalwarts pushing the potential warrior to take the lions of credit to benefit Sri Rama while they remained in the background seeing them perform the Herculean  task.
Certainly we celebrate Hanumana's glory, but we are silently also grateful to Jambhavana in steering Hanumana by reminding and boosting him about his valour.

Jai Hanumana and Jai Jambhavana.

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