Wednesday, 21 September 2016


"Why  do you worship Krishna, why not others?" A boy asked this question to a Sri Krishna worshiper.
The aspiring devotee answered as follows :
" People worship based on their liking, some like cricket heroes, others like footballers, still others like political heroes. Those who are interested in philosophy worship Buddha, Socrates. And many  others who want special favours worship kings and Gods...."
But all of them are attracted to particular traits of these personalities. Buddha for non violence;
Jesus for compassion;
Shiva for power of destruction and meditational power;
Mahavir for his power of tapas; Socrates for his idealistic wisdom; Gandhi for non violence and simplicity;
Warriors like Arjuna for their valour; Sportsmen for their excellent performance on the field ;
Young people get attracted to each for romance ;
But Krishna? "
Sri Krishna, does not have any of the above qualities as resolutions so he exhibits none of these qualities permanently for the sake of showing.  Krishna's greatness is that he is not bound by any of these qualities.
Sometimes these qualities when over stressed cause pain and violence and become weaknesses .
For example the non violence propagator can be exploited by a violent party who knows that the opposing party is bound by that quality.
Some who are bound by truth experience contrary results as they impose their values with stubbornness on others .
Hence all qualities have a flip side at times ,even if they are good qualities. Hence Sri Krishna as Nirguna having no qualities and more precisely he is not bound by any qualities.
He can display all the qualities in abundance when they are needed for the cause of dharma.
He is kind to his friends, but to Kamsa he is cruelty personified, but is he cruel?
He is full of joy when he is with his friends, joking and frolicking but is he only joking and merry making?
He also spoke the immortal Gita, which is very sobering and illuminating.
Is he speaking only immortal philosophy?
Is he not strategizing to kill the demoniac kurus and their allies?
So in which qualities can one catch him?
and at the same time which qualities do we not see in him?
He is like an expert mother who takes care of many children and who knows what and which quality needs to  exhibited to different children at different times  and acts accordingly.   Krishna is mother supreme and uses qualities that help to elevate all.  Therefore he is the emporium of all qualities and is not bound by them.
Hence he never becomes redundant and his relevance becomes more and more prominent over time.
Sri Krishna as the name suggests remains ever attractive in spite of the time factor which has  the power to make every one an event in history,
If Sri Krishna can hold  the time factor on  sway then what to speak of others?   Hence we adore him, worship him and learn life lessons from him.
We eventually learn the lesson of freedom from him the lesson to achieve the greatest of all achievements--- mukti.

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  1. Your articles are filled with tremendous wisdom. It is deeply inspiring and has great clarity of concepts.I was waiting for your articles for about a month.

    Please regularly post.

    Radhika vallabha das.