Monday, 19 September 2016


We aspire for the right surrounding in life but if it is unavailable then it is better to have the right perspective  in any surrounding.
Arjuna was overwhelmed By the external surrounding of his life where he was to kill his relatives as a part if his duty He developed intense indifference towards his duty. 
He wanted to escape from doing his duty by taking  the shelter of philosophy.
Many would consider Arjuna's decision to not fight as noble and elevating for the soul.This decision of not fighting is similar to Buddha 's decision of walking away from life to seek enlightenment in lifelessness.
Right perspective gives rise to right inner surrounding where outer surrounding is missing.
In fact the entire war was fought to create a coherent outer surrounding. To usurp the adharmik Duryodhana and re instate the dharmik Yudhsthira was the purpose of kurukshetra .
One may question as to why would Sri Krishna ask Arjuna to develop an inner surrounding while he was trying  avoid war and why would Sri Krishna insist on war?  
Life in this world is about trying to create a balance between a better inner perspective  and the right outer surrounding .
Dharma is coherent both inside and outside. It's a fantasy for most people to live happy internally in the face of conflicting externals or have great externals at the cost of a turmoil within.
The Gita is a book of giving a right perspective so that one can work for the right surrounding.

Sri Krishna being sensitive to life's reality reasoned with Arjuna to deal with whatever surrounding he had in his situation with the right perspective.
The clash between practical people and the idealist is the clash of extremes. But Sri Krishna who is very pragmatic does not allow one without the other, his philosophy is to build a bridge between the two ---inner perspective and an outer surrounding
Good perspective can give rise to good surrounding and good surrounding can give rise to good perspective. We want both for good legacy but in an emergency it is better to have a good perspective over good surroundings. Because that good perspective will help us to struggle in establishing good surroundings.
Eventually Arjuna agreed to fight on behalf of Sri Krishna having the right perspective so that he could create the right surroundings.

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