Friday, 7 October 2016


The recent attack on army soldiers in Uri, and the retaliation by the Indian army soldiers helps us  to reflect on certain lessons to be understood from our great Epics. 
One of the main topic in the epics is   building a society and establishing governance. To make this happen, there is no other way other than following the "Trimurti principle."  
What is this " Trimurti principle?"
This is the principle of creative energy , maintenance energy and the destructive energy working in their stipulated time zone.
It is easy to understand creation and maintenance but it is difficult to assimilate how destruction is an important principle for governance.   Governance involves, some times  consciously destroying something which is causing obstruction, for eg:- dilapidated buildings where people reside in that condition, then for their safety the government brings bulldozers and brings the building down(after evacuation) so that a new building can eventually be made.
Similarly when a civilisation takes for granted the other civilisation's tolerant behaviour or a tolerant civilisation only focuses on positive building rather than punishing those who are miscreants the oppressors seldom change.
To change them they need to be evacuated from the unsuitable dwelling place( body).
This is exactly how the  Shiva tattvas  work.
This is the destructive aspect of the Trimurti principle.
Sri Krishna teaches us the lessons  of harmonising the three and using the destructive energy with great restraint and reluctance but never avoiding to destroy when there is a need.

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