Sunday, 23 October 2016


God is one of "the" phenomena that is understood, but many times inappropriately.
God is misunderstood because of the  unrealistic expectations from him and the active denial of bitter experiences in life. Some do understand, but communicate hazily to the general mass.
Therefore God remains in ever green suspense! Even those who claim to know him are amused by the diverse understandings  that people have about Him(God).

Gita presents her unique understanding of God:  He is "Him" as the energetic but " she" as an energy. (Purusha and Prkriti). They are not at war with each other  for domination. One is the controller and the other is controlled. Controller because of His position and power. But as a sensitive person, He is controlled by His Energies. Love dominates the dominator.  Love,kindness, compassion, grace, magnanimity, refine-ness and benevolence are synonymous to his energy.
Energy is feminine, and the energetic is masculine.  He is Purusha but His substance is Shakti.  God without his energy is no God logically, practically and in reality.

Sri Krishna, fully displayed this concept in the Gita as a philosophical truth and as action in the Srimad Bhagavatam.

He displayed His  power, He proved His position, He logically explained Himself  as Ishwara. Thus He remains one without a second. The lord of all -- the manifested and the unmanifested cosmos.

As a loved person by His devotees.
He is amused at how devotee's love Him. He desires to reciprocate the same love, but to love one, one has to have love!  He becomes dominated by those who love him because of their power to love is much more than His ability to reciprocate( He repeatedly expresses this in the Srimad-Bhagavatam). His devotees become His energies and he is constantly defeated by them in loving sports: by the Gopis cowherd friends, mother Yashoda and Nanda Maharaja, etc. " Energy dominates the energetic,"

Similarly for general devotees and sensitive human beings, it is easy to experience and explain the power of God. Where is that power coming from and how the power, the powerful energy, the energetic, the loved, love, kindness,  the object of kindness, the beautiful, beauty, the source of beauty bhaktas Bhagavan and bhakti operate?

The Bhagavata and  the Gita teaches the "anyonya asraya," principle. Interdependence principle. Interdependence of Bhagavan and His energy; the spiritual and material are his energies.
Who is greater the energetic or energy, Radha or Krishna; Laxmi or Narayana; Sita or Rama?
It has an easy answer but no one will ever answer because not answering is the real answer which goes beyond the information and gives boundless experience of such a beautiful concept. This is the contribution of sanatana dharma.


  1. Thank u sir for nice explaination of Gita and God

  2. Thank u sir for nice explaination of Gita and God

  3. Beautiful explanation of the beauty of "Interdependence Principle" between Rasa and Tattva...the source of all beauty...

    Your Servant
    Harsha Lalitha devi dasi