Friday, 11 November 2016


"Action without vision is one tragedy and vision without action is second tragedy. Action without vision is destructive and vision without action is only day dreaming."
Human beings look for that miracle for success.  But life cannot be led expecting miracles. Life is about strategically preparing so that a miracle is experienced. Actions which are coupled with vision have greater chances of success than actions without a vision .
When the right strategy and lots of sacrifice makes a vision a reality of experience.
Vision is important but vision that is coupled with strategies for success and is created wisely has a greater chances of success.
When Yudhsthira envisioned having the great Rajasuya sacrifice it sounded amazing  but when Sri Krishna told him what it involved:  waging a war against those who opposed it, striking the powerful Jarasandha, Yudhsthira was not very encouraged and he told Sri Krishna that the yagya may not be good idea.
They are often heard saying " after all everything is temporary, why struggle for something which is flitting?" Or they think that since it's a great idea some how or other it will be successful. But millions of good ideas have gone  down the drain because either they were  not started, either they were given up in the middle or they had the wrong strategy of execution.
It was a journey of complete circle:  a vision,  a plan for action, executing the plan and adjusting according to the prevailing situation and then they experienced the results. The Rajasuya yagya was executed after lots of anxiety and sacrifice of resources and human life . Without  this magnitude of investment nothing  would have been reality. 
Haphazard actions with lots good wishes have failed and will fail because they lack the complete cycle.  Those who follow the complete cycle experience  satisfaction irrespective of whether they succeed or fail .

Sri Krishna gave the vision to Arjuna but to make it a reality Arjuna worked strategically.
People do want great realities but when they experience the realities  of execution, the challenges and  sacrifices involved in the  manifestation of their reality, they back out with escapist philosophical ideas.
Sri Krishna had a systematic plan for Yudhisthira's Rajasuya yagya.
In this world there are thousands of ideas and good intentions for progress, but unless we follow the eternal principle execution our plans and visions remain in the obscure domain. 

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