Thursday, 20 April 2017


The euphoric excitement at the sight of a sumptuous, juicy, ripened mango - before season - is undeniable by any mango lover. At this, some may wonder what allows the eager mango lover to enjoy that deliciousness and the equally eager vendor to sell plump mangoes, before nature's timing to provide the world with this healthy, ripe fruit.


Poisonous chemicals are used to create that look of red, orange and yellow goodness outside, and that smooth, soft, ripe pulp inside. Essentially, a gullible and eager customer pays extra for an artificially ripened, toxic, and unhealthy fruit.

A similar phenomenon encompasses many other aspects of life - from creating saints to soldiers, and everything in between.  For instance, one can easily expedite the cultivation of a saint, just like with a mango. However, ultimately this artificial acceleration is infallibly unhealthy for the “saint” and those interacting with him. Effectively, nature’s law is that everything has a perfect timing to ripen. Even though, there are some occurrences where nature’s timings may seem too long for some, it is still excellent timing. The art of pottery best illustrates this point. An authentic, skilled and patient potter will soak the soil in water, for pottery that will only be created by his kin three generations down! It is only after enough time to skip two generations has passed, that the soil is ready to create the most durable earthenware with unparalleled and impeccable finishing. How many are willing to have such patience?

Fundamentally, laws are laws. Good intentions alone cannot guarantee the success of an endeavour. Timing and rigor are of utmost importance to build something true to its purpose; impatient efforts toxically affect the system as does eating chemically ripened mangoes. Naturally, if earthenware requires so much time to be fully ready, then what to speak of human qualities, how can they appear so suddenly? How much more time must be required for their training and education?

Moreover, even the Mahabharata proclaims that if anyone wants to walk the path of perfection, he must consider its many components; vidya under an able Guru, self-study of sastra, sadhana, mercy of Ishwara and the time aspect. These factors naturally ripen the fragrant mango-like student, preparing him to offer real sweetness to society. The Pandavas embodied this value system as they took many years to be honorably qualified with skills and character.

Therefore, whether it is earthenware, soldier or saint, the rigor of training and cultivation in accordance to the time factor is of utmost importance to mature nutritiously as opposed to becoming noxious due to the chemicals of haste and greed.  Again, the best example is that of the Pandavas who were born naturally, respecting the element of time and the Kauravas who were born prematurely, forced and compelled by Gandhari. The Kauravas were many in number, yet half ripened and rotten within and without. Do we want to be naturally ripened or by delusional artificial methods?

The choice is ours and the consequences too. 

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  1. Profound! Takeaway for me is I need to be patient with my progress.