Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Well aware that His last efforts to conciliate a peace treaty between the Kurus and Pandavas were bound to fail, Lord Krishna arrived to the prosperous city of Hastinapur. A breakdown of any appeasement ventures between the two fraternal dynasties was inescapable because of Duryodhana’s arrogant stubbornness and Sri Krishna’s candid admission of the Kuru’s evil intentions led by Duryodhana.

Upon the Lord’s arrival, the Kurus requested Him to stay at Dushysana’s palace. Yet, how can Sri Krishna stay in his palace? How can He grace the home of the very man who tried to disrobe Draupadi and thus inflicted horrific trauma and despair onto her? Sri Krishna, therefore, chose to stay with the gentle and Dharmik Vidura. Being so jilted, an irritated Duryodhana questioned Sri Krishna on His decision.

Sri Krishna aptly declared, “One who is an enemy to the Pandavas, is my enemy. I do not eat food where there is no love or unless I am hungry. Food served by foes is no less then poison.” Though cognizant of the truth in the Lord’s statement, Duryodhana was impervious. Blatant facts carried no worth for him compared to his personal convenience and ambitions to remain in power. His pretentious desire to host Sri Krishna and cater appetizing food was not to please Him, but to bribe His favour away from the Pandavas. This duplicitous plan inevitably failed, revealing Sri Krishna’s explicit “no-nonsense approach”.

Externally, it appears as though Duryodhana was graciously hosting a guest and Sri Krishna was unduly harsh in rejecting this cordiality. However, Sri Krishna’s actions can be likened to a coconut that has a hard shell from the outside, but is full of sweet, nutritious pulp within. Contrastingly, Duryodhana concealed his internal poison with an outer layer of duplicitous decorum; like a cool and mesmerizing poisonous cobra snake. Naturally, a partnership with such opposing elements could never exist.

Moreover, while Vidura only had simple food to offer, he had a large heart and a rational mindset. Sri Krishna was thusly dazzled and felt complete satisfaction in his stay with Vidura. A beautiful synergy endured between the guest and the host.

Similarly, as we choose between Duryodhana and Vidura, Sri Krishna accordingly responds with harshness towards evil and tenderness towards the simple and wise.

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