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When Yudhisthira performed the Rajasuya Sacrifice, an incident  occured which in one sense was a turning point for the Kuru family.
Lord Krishna chopped off the head of the notorious babbler Sisupala. This incident sent chills in Yudhisthira's spine as Sisupala was his maternal cousin, his mother’s sister’s son.
He asked Vyasadeva the out come of this incident, what the future held for him?.  Vyasadeva said “ this is the indication of the future destruction of all your adharmik relatives  and you will be used as an instrument by the son of Devaki, Krishna,  to remove the burden on earth. " Yudhisthira was flabbergasted, he wanted no role in the destruction of any one, what to speak of a host of families.
So he took a vow of obeying his elders and this very vow which he uttered changed the direction of his destiny.  Using this vow Dhrithrasthra called Yudhisthira to gamble knowing that Yudhisthira would not disobey his elders and come for the gambling match ..
eventually this match was the cause for the seed of future  destruction of the kuru kula and other adharmik forces.
When Vidura was sent to invite Yudhisthra, he advised Dhrithrasthra  to not  invite his death, since gambling is the ruination of everything and gambling also has the potential for future dangerous consequences.The advice was however unheeded by the blind and attached Dhrithrasthra.
He was seeing the bright future of his son in this gambling match, without considering the reaction and punishment  that he would have to incur. So he asked Vidura to bring the Pandavas for the duel of death, in the form of a gambling match.
Vidura invited Yudhishthira. Yudhisthira came to Hastinapura to gamble, knowing very well the ill effects of gambling.
He was forced by a power beyond him -- he was called by his remote aspect the personification of  death, as he was the yamaraja incarnate.  He was going  there as an instrument on behalf of God .
Destiny was beseeching  the Kauravas to refrain from adharma, in the form of the other aspect of destiny or time factor or Yamaraja in the form of Vidura, who was giving them solid advice,.
However they did not heed  this advice. So Vidura invited the death or demise  or Yama aspect of his personality, Yudhisthira  for the gambling match.
In between the advice and the demise, is our independence, we have to make a choice,  to make the advice fruitful or eat our own bitter fruit in the form of ugly death and punishment.
Duryodhana and party discarded the advice aspect of  Yama  in the form of Vidura, and with that they discarded their glory and power to the abode of death.  Pandavas simply remained an active instrument in the hands of God and Kala. Either as the  advising kala or the destructive  kala, depending upon whatever one wanted-- Advice or Demise

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