Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Responsibility makes people enterprising and adventurous and the same responsibility can make some people feel burdened and anxiety ridden.
Those who can handle responsibilty with ease can either push the other kind of persons to the wall and increase their anxiety or the responsible people could be used by their loved ones .
Gandhari was Dharmik and caring but Duryodhana misused her love and care.
Dronacharya was dedicated to his son Ashwathama  in giving him all that he deserved but in return of this dedication Ashwathama started demanding  from his father that what was not dharmik and  was non beneficial to the society.He asked  for the brahmastra, which was later on was misused by him.
Responsible behavior of Yudhsthira was misused by Dhristhrastra by inviting him for a gambling match with the clear intention of cheating him of the kingdom which rightfully belonged to the Pandavas.
Responsibility is great but allowing others to misuse your responsible behaviour is adharma.
Misuse is adharma and allowing that misuse is also adharma.
Good parents some time allow their bad children to exploit them.
Good citizens by being mute spectators allow exploitative leaders to abuse the citizens.
Charitable leaders by giving charity allow the non enterprising people to become lazy and useless.
Therefore a responsible person's main responsibility is to  create the legacy of responsibility.
The Pandavas were responsible and they saw that Abhimanyu was of the same nature. Pariksit Abhimanyu's son continued the legacy of responsibility which was his family tradition. He took responsibility of his kingdom and  the responsibility of maintaining a powerful spiritual culture which he inherited  from his fore-fathers.
On the other hand when we look at Mahatma Gandhi  we see that he was a transparent leader but what happened to his legacy?
Some one physically killed him and others destroyed his legacy.
He wanted India to be governed by spiritual principles but those who were at the helm of  affairs had no or little inclination for self discipline and spiritual inspiration. The creation of a new democracy slowly became ineffective and corrupt.  And the good people kept on serving  useless and  spiritually bankrupt masters.
This vicious cycle can only be broken if good responsible people do not get blackmailed by irresponsible people like Duryodhana, Ashwathama and a host of people who are like them.
Mahabharata was a war that was insured because good people like the Pandavas were guided by Krishna and were unwilling to be abused by abusive people. Hence they created responsible governance which left a legacy.

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