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In this world clash of civilization, ideas, culture and also personal clash in choices are natural and unavoidable.
Clash is natural but not dealing with them is unnatural and adharmik.
One common belief that people in this world  have is that" time will heal everything."
Certainly time does heal. But time heals mental, physical, sensual wounds. Time has no power to heal ignorance. However long one waits  to move on, time does not have the power to heal the might of ignorance.
Ignorance has to be fought vigorously to dispel it. This battle against ignorance is a difficult one but not an impossible one.
In tines of clash or conflict  people  make choices which are easy in the  present and hope  that the clash or conflict will automatically disappear. 
Conflict was central in the life of many characters in the Mahabharata. Be it Bhisma, Drona, Dhirthrasthra, Karna, Gandhari, Duryodhana, Drupada, Virata, Dhristhyadyumna, Shikhandi, Ghatodgaja  or even for that matter in the life of the Pandavas.
So conflict existed and was experienced by all however the difference was in the way that each one  dealt with conflict.
The Pandavas resolved the conflict by fighting based on Krishna dharma whist the others chose personal dharma.
Some took shelter of adharma and some took shelter of superficial and ritualistic so called dharma  to avoid the action of fighting for the substance of dharma.
1.Bhisma fought for pitri and kula dharma (father and his family)
2.Drona and Dhrithrasthra fought for putra dharma(for the sake of son) 3.Karna fought for mitra dharma(sake of friend)
4.Shalya fought for rna dharma (obligation for receiving reception from kurus)
5.Drupada fought for his ksatriya dharma which was trampled by Drona.
6. Shikhandi fought for her nyaya dharma (justice)
Even Duryodhana had an agenda for fighting. He believed that his kula had done injustice to his father who  was the oldest in the family. Dhristharasthra had been  deprived of the throne because of his blindness. And hence Duryodhana thought that it was his rightful claim to be the king and  that the Pandavas  were intruders.
Some  people think that if  the Pandavas were really so nice and detached they should have averted the war by making Duryodhana the king and retired to the forest.
In fact Dhristhrasthra  had even suggested this idea to  the Pandavas through Sanjay.
The Pandavas were about to follow the above advise attempting to follow the personal  dharma of indifference, no violence and no throne to avoid the massacre.
But they chose to renounce all these above  personal dharmas which were followed by other personalities and chose to follow Krishna dharma .
Krishna dharma is universal good over personal dharma.
In following  and establishing krishna dharma the Pandavas had to eliminate  great heroes of the Kurus side  and sacrifice some  heroes from their side too.
So Krishna dharma entails  establishing religious principles whenever and wherever they are in imbalance, irrespective of the fact that the imbalance is caused by good people or bad people.
This is tough but can it be avoided?

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