Friday, 23 October 2015


After a long struggle Hanumana eventually came to the place where Sita was kept as hostage by the demon Ravana.
As Hanumana saw mother Sita, he spoke to himself, " the golden hued Sita is certainly the dear queen of Sri Rama. Even though she is not in the sight of Sri Rama she has not separated from his heart. This is the same Sita for whose sake he is constantly tormented because of compassion,magnanimity,lamentation and love."
His heart was overwhelmed and he said while reflecting about Sri Rama's thinking, one woman has taken our shelter hence there is a feeling of helping her, a feeling of lamentation because she is separated from me  .She is dear to me and I am feeling great separation. sustaining my life only because of the immense love for one another ." Hanuman reflecting on this transformed himself to Sri Rama in his mind and he congratulated Sri Rama for chosing mother Sita as His wife.

Hanumana was celibate but not insensitive  in his understanding of the needs of others .He was sensitive and  appreciative of what a householder could go through in separation of his wife. The great renunciate approved their marriage and considered  Sri Rama very fortunate.

Hanumana taught us the power of handling a contradictory lifestyle with great empathy.
Hanumana could have been indifferent to a house holders life since he was celibate, but he had a view that was integral and hence he lovingly decided to unite Sri Rama and Sita . He dived into action mode and his goal became Jai Sita Rama.

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  1. Excellent assessment of Sri Hanuman's motives & goals to reach Sita. Thank you for this.