Friday, 23 October 2015


When some one behaves in a particular way, we try to look for meaning in their behavior. But people expect feeling in other words empathy from us.
Even when we read scriptures we look for technicalities in judging others lives however we could look for empathy, sensitivity and magnanimity in  scriptures with reference to our wrong behavior.
Scripture plays the role of giving meaning and feeling. Simply looking for meaning gives us dry scholarship and simply feeling gives us sentiments, but when we have the ability to understand when to see meaning in scriptures and when to find feeling in the scriptures then we get the wisdom to deal with people and ourselves appropriately.

Sri Krishna heard of Yudhsthira being offensive to Arjuna in regards to Arjuna not fulfilling his vow of killing Karna.  Arjuna had come looking forYudhishthira enquiring about his welfare when Yudhishthira was hurt in the battle and had returned  back to the camp.   Yudhsthira thought Arjuna had come to give the good news of his having killed Karna. When Yudhsthira realized Arjuna had not killed Karna, Yudhsthira insulted Arjuna. Arjuna was angry and was about to attack Yudhisthira.
Sri Krishna stopped Arjuna,  asking him if he knew the reason of why his elder brother spoke that way.  Sri Krishna told Arjuna, "in one sense you heard what he said, but you should have felt why he  said what he said."   In other words Sri Krishna told Arjuna that the feeling is more important than the meaning.  Sri Krishna with great feeling communicated  to Arjuna the feelings of Yudhisthira's difficulties.
Arjuna understood and eventually with the blessings of his brother accomplished the difficult task of killing Karna.

Looking for meaning is important but what about feeling?  It is the difference between knowing and understanding or having a right map and reaching the actual destination or seeing gulab jamoon and eating jamoon.

Why not harmonize knowing and feeling, acting and living, conveying and communicating teaching and learning. Does it make sense?


  1. Apeksha likes it .. And she will also try to follow your lessons .
    Seeking blessings Apeksha

  2. Yes. It makes sense but I feel it takes lot of hard work to reach to that level