Friday, 23 October 2015


When we  are faced with a choice between relationship and resources, it is a difficult choice to make. The mean people also exhibit their affection to near and dear ones what to speak of ordinary people. It would be easier to have both or at least having relations and resources in a satisfying quantity.

Before the battle of Kurukshetra Arjuna, had to make the difficult choice between Sri Krishna and Sri Krishna's army.
Sri Krishna asked, " you want me, who will neither fight nor throw missiles or you want my army, which is large in number and every soldier is as powerful as me?"

Sri Krishna was asking Arjuna to make a choice between resources and relationships. Choice between priceless values and convenience.
From a practical perspective,Arjuna had come to krishna for collecting resources and conveniences, so that his army could out number the Kaurava army.

Arjuna without even the slightest  hesitation asked for relationship over resources and values over convenience.  It was an emotional  decision but was it a good strategy?
Affection is one thing but fighting with insufficient resources was a reality for Arjuna, then why was he unrealistic?  Duryodhana was convinced that the Pandavas had ruined their prospects of victory.
Arjuna told Sri krishna in response to the question of why Arjuna chose Sri  Krishna, he said that he needed Sri Krishna alone, even if it meant facing challenges.  Arjuna's understanding was, wherever there is Sri Krishna that itself is victory, and everything else is a detail. Arjuna knew that he himself was very resourceful, but he needed the guidance and grace which was available only with Sri Krishna.

In our life we will not be challenged with such conflicting situations. We may face the challenge of wanting more resources  vs a relationship.
Unfortunately people chose to cut all relationships because they are  inconvenienced and they choose some resources at the price of completely severing a relationship.

Is it possible to balance?
If one does that then he becomes satisfied like Arjuna, who was enterprising in acquiring resources but not stupid to give up his relationship.
He was practical and prayerful.  Duryodhana on the other hand was down right stupid and senseless.  He lost Sri Krishna his resources and his life.

Reflect about this and work on your labour which is your responsibility and balance between Sri Krishna's love and your leadership

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