Tuesday, 14 June 2016


The fresh incident of a young man jamming his car over three people and taking two of their life is a typical action of attitude rather than an accident. When seen from the Mahabharata perspective the haughty, Duryodhana had inculcated the arrogance of " who cares, I am a son from the royal family." He did not hesitate to wage a war and be responsible for the death of millions of people, plus all of his brothers. The cause for this was not the war but limitless arrogance and ego.
Similarly the Delhi incident is not accident but an attitude which is becoming the culture of many of our youth today. It kills, it makes one desensitised and we citizen question only the laws of governance but not the laws of the value system within our family. No systems, no governance neither legalities can alone bring efficiency of actions in all spheres of life. It is values and character alone which our surroundings gives will benefit us in doing things rightly and of course the right things.
Wealth and influence has the power to bring us down or take us up. The young man rather than taking the responsibility for the crime and doing something tangible by being a sensitive human being and doing welfare work for the under privilege, will spend his father's money to free himself from the legal problem (most probably hire a very efficient lawyer) and hope to drive back on the streets of Delhi to celebrate his legal victory. (we hope he is not so insensitive).
Where does the crime begin to happen, in action or in attitude? The Dharmik scriptures answer, it begins in the attitude of I don't care for the world but I care for my carnal pleasure at the cost of other people's life.
Hence accident is detail which will keep happening , but a sensitive human being stands up, learns his lessons and reverses his life cycle by being responsible and changing his course of action. We certainly pray for the departed but raise an alarm against all those who wish to continue with the attitude of "who cares." These accidents will continue to happen if we do not change our attitude.

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