Wednesday, 29 June 2016


The beauty of dharma is that it is progressive and not stagnant.
Death may seem to be the end of everything for those who are ill informed about the wheel of life. Death is a small journey in the big picture of the life cycle.
What about hell? Hell is surely scary but it is not an eternal damnation.
Hell is a place of reformation. It's not a destination but a diversion for some time so that the living being can come back to the main avenue of life and live a life of dharma.
Therefore when we read the Mahabharata and other such dharmik literatures we observe that even the so called asuras, demons and rakshashas had the facility to undo their sins if not in their current life then in their next life unlike in the abhrhamic culture where the sinful are eternally damned to hell. In the vedic tradition the evil after being eliminated by the power of lord Narayana progress towards a better facility to take tangible action towards perfection. 
The infamous Dhrithrasthra who was highly attached to position, infatuated in his relationship with his children and always playing the victim to gain sympathy was a sure candidate for a hellish destination.
It was Vidura who inspired  Dhritrashtra through a strong dose of verbal medicine and pushed him to take the decision of active detachment so that he could grow in life.
The consistent efforts of Vidura to change the king were eventually successful in inspiring Dhrithrasthra to take the decision of peacefully walking out of the palace as he genuinely developed detachment towards everything around him. He became sober at the time death. 
Everything has to move in the direction of the destination .The rest is nothing but a complex journey which is painful and sometimes pleasurable but the destination is where we want to reach.

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  1. Hare Krsna Prji!
    Please accept my humble obeisances!

    It is said that from the attachment detachment comes & from the detachment attachment comes…

    1) What is it that makes one get attached so strongly to the worldly things – be it matter or relations – be it an ordinary person or highly elevated soul?

    2) Why a jiva tries to voluntarily choose the impermanent which is always the source of pain & misery, in spite of having proper knowledge?

    3) How to get detached, yet be loving & affectionate in one's relations? - So that there won’t be ups & downs in one’s spiritual practices… Kindly share the subtle principle to transcend these worldly attachments? (Like that of transcending the laws of karma...)

    Please clarify…

    Your Servant
    Harsha Lalitha devi dasi