Thursday, 2 June 2016


Dhruva is a short name but it has a long history and an impact of  eternity behind it. Dhruva was slandered by his step mother and neglected by his father simply for trying to fulfil a common childhood need--to sit on the lap of his father along with his step brother.
When Dhruva expressed his desire to sit on his father 's lap his step mother  "Suruchi" meaning one who is after tasteful things, told Dhruva harshly to take birth in his next life if he desired to sit on her husband's lap.

Basically she told Dhruva to die.  Dhruva mortified, pained and breathing heavily approached his mother. Suniti meaning one with auspicious morality or ethics seeing Dhruva's predicament and her own helpless condition of not being able to fulfil her sons wish asked  Dhruva to not be angry with those who caused him pain for they would face their consequences. She did not force Dhruva to be loyal to her husband and his father who was neglectful.
As a son he had full freedom to choose his path.
She empowered him, even though she was bound by her own cultural loyalty of wife hood. Dhruva took the words of his mother seriously. He travelled to distant lands and worshiped Vishnu to get something which was priceless and valuable and beyond the reach of most extraordinary men.
He got what he wanted by the grace of Narayana,the great Narada, and his own mother who was representing substance; Suniti.

Suruchi represents superficiality of a human being and Suniti represents substance of a human being.  Suruchi's disturb, destabilise and destroy inner satisfaction.
They represent small mindedness, sensuality and happiness which is derived by causing pain to others.
But Suniti directs Dhruva to see happiness in seeking divinity and fighting the odds but not with the intention of destroying the opponent but by growing beyond the opponent  intellectually spiritually and as a byproduct growing materially too.

Superficiality has caused and is still causing pain to Dhruvas of the modern world and unfortunately rather than getting Suniti to guide them they find more Suruchi's who are asking the Dhruvas to compete, destroy and destabilise.
They die but never give up their small world of sensuality. But if someone gets Suniti then their direction of life changes and they grow beyond sensuality.

What are we looking substance or superficiality?

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