Friday, 5 June 2015


Engineering is defined as something connected to an engine, and the word enginious is the root for engineering.  Humans from the very beginning of creation have made things innovatively.  Engineering is simply taking parts from  nature and producing something that is workable as one unit. A car is a collection many parts, wheel, steering wheel, engine, gas tank and other parts, including the driver who is driving.
When we see the car passiing we say, “here goes the car,”  it is amazing, no one experiences  the car as an assembly of different  parts. Even the driver becomes a part of the car.

Similarly the body is an amazing engine, a collection of many parts. However it operates as one unit. One unique thing about this body, is that it is not only a collection  of gross parts but there are the subtle  elements like the mind, intelligence and ego, which becomes  integrated with the body. The soul is the main driver. So many different  parts become integrated and the soul which is full of knowledge, bliss and eternity resides in the body with harmony.

This engineering of harmomy between matter and spirit is the art of God, who does it by remaining in the background. Human responsibility is to maintain that harmony by observing how the world works. Disaharmony ,like a dysfunctional engine is adharma,   If such a dysfunctional engine is made to function, it can cause an accident, similarly conflicting life can cause damage to oneself and others.

If we study the Bhagavad-Gita, it is all about harmony. Sri Krishna spoke to Arjuna about balanacing life, in all aspects.
Duryodhana was adharmik not because he had another culture or faith. In fact he also knew that Sri Krishna is divine God, he was performing all kinds of sacrifices too. He also had the same teacher and belonged to the same family.
He performed the Vaishnava Yagna as compared to the Rajasuya Yagna by the Pandavas. Therefore it is not that faith that is the deciding factor of whether a person is Dharmik or Adharmik . It  is how  we implement that faith in the real world, and what  we create out of it, harmony or a hell of conflict?

Pandavas lived a powerful and harmonious lfe. They coordinated everytying so that it created community spirit. It was their best act of engineering skills. Ingenious in making the engine of life to work.

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