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During their exile when the Pandavas were living in the forest , they met many Rishis, and wise people from whom they learned many things.
Once they met Markandaya Rishi who offered many lessons to them.

Markandaya said, “One who has wealth,  spends the wealth decorating his body, absorbed in bodily gratification .They are attached to the body  and they only enjoy life in this world.

Those who engage in astanga yoga, peform tapasya, absorbed in acquiring knowledge  and retire from all kind of gratification. They cause pain to others and make their physical  body lean .They do not aspire for any pleasure in this world, they wait for the higher realms to be happy.

But there are those who are duty bound and practice dharma(their occupational duty)and by dharma only they earn  their living. They get married and perform different kinds of sacrifices and devotional services to the lord.These people enjoy in this world and the next world.

The beauty of dharmik tradition is, “options,” and along with the options are their consequences.  Usually people take  the easier option, either  pleasure in this world, or pleasure in the other world. Either they are selfish in this world, or are selfish for the future.
The last kind of people who are represented by the Pandavas,  along with being duty bound also help others to follow their dharma. They are willing to be competent so that their talents are beneficial to others.

Markandeya rishi concluded by saying to the Pandavas, “ You are born with valour, and come to fulfill the desire of the Gods, hence do not be discouraged by your present suffering, but be assured by your tapasya, heroism, sense restrain, good behaviour, and while pleasing the rishis, teachers and gods you will  gain everything in the future.  Eventually you will achieve his planet by being loyal to the lord in the heart "

This is the picture of a true dharmik person, they see God everywhere. They see it in their sva-dharma,  their austerity,  their difficulty, and in their prosperity. Eventually they achieve transcendence in reality.

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