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Vidura was speaking to  the afflicted Dhritharasthra, who was lamenting for the death of his sons. Vidura spoke strongly but compassionately to his brother about the nature of this world.

Dhritharastha needed to develop detachment and not lament
because lamentation would give him nothing. He had to be prepared for giving up his attachement, while Yudhisthira needed to act responsibly to lead the kingdom. As Dhritharasthra was hearing about detachment, Vyasadeva, Krishna and Bhisma were advising Yudhisthira to give up detachment and indifference towards the kingdom because it was time for Yudhsthira to be involved to create a new dharmik order.
Dharmik scriptures give medicine according to the need of the patient.

Here is some of the wisdom that came forth form Vidura:
Of all that is collected will end in destruction.
Elvation in material life will lead to a fall down
All union leads to separation and life is moving towards death.
Those who are lamenting for  the death of their near and dear cannot go along with them nor they can die immediately.
Lamentation has millions of sources and even fear has many openings .These attack the fools not the wise.
Beauty, youth, life, wealth, health and being with the near and dear one’s is never permanent. Your lamentation, is neither a tool for wealth, nor for dharma neither for happiness.
Just like different earthern pots get destroyed at different intervals---- some whilst making, some while putting them on the potters wheel, some whilst they're half done, some while being cut with the thread, some while being  removed from  the wheel, some after being removed from the wheel, some while they are still wet, some when they are almost dry, some whilst being used as cooking pots, and some while carrying the contents in the cooking pot.
Human body is exactly like the earthern pot.  It gets destroyed at different intervals, so Vidura  said "my dear brother there is no point in lamentation.  Living beings are like animals swimming in the water ---some times they come on the surface of the water, some times they are within the water unseen.  Similarly the living beings are born and visible and some time dead and invisible.  Only those who are endowed with the mode of goodness, can ascertain the movement of the living entities as the karma cycle and can attain the higer consciousness."

This was Vidura. He was involved in the affairs of the kingdom more diligently than Dhritharasthra but there was an element of detachment in him which was not bordering on indifference
Dhritharasthra was completely involved, attached, alert but full of anxiety and fear hence he neither had the tool, skill nor  the morality to deal and run the kingdom with proper dharma.
One who was attached suffered . One who was responsible and detached comtinued as the minister of the Pandavas.

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