Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Kuruksetra which was addressed as Dharmaksetra even by Dhristhrasthra, shows that it was a field for planting dharma and uprooting adharma.  Dharma is compared to a healthy and wholesome creeper and adharma is compared to an unwanted creeper, which has the power to choke the growth of the dharma creeper.

Field signifies a place for action and every one in the field is asked to be active. Those representing the unwanted creeper are as active as those  representing the  good creeper. The task of pulling out the bad creeper is a  Herculean one but nevertheless a  fulfilling one. Many good creepers are  lost in uprooting the bad ones but at the end of the day good prevails.

There is difference between acting and voting.The voting concept culminates at the ballot box. Large number of change seeking citizens take part only upto the voting stage and that too the number of people seeking change is  usually  not beyond fifty percent. So how can one expect the growth of the  dharma creeper ?
Voting should be action centric, both for the voters and voted.
In the battle of Mahabharata every one was responsible actively  to root out the unwanted creeper and then the dharma prevailed for a long time.
Unfortunately in the modern system, most of the citizens are busy with sense  gratification or in working for future gratification or complaining for not having enough gratification.
When the field is filled  with more people who are eager to exploit the resources and with  less people fighting to increase the good resources it is bound to create an imbalance.
For however long we wish to create a healthy society without actually being actively involved--- our war for dharma will continue to remain on Twitter, what's app and other screens.

Therefore Sri Krishna makes it clear to Arjuna and all other potential followers  of Arjuna’s to rise and go beyond the ballot box and work in divine consciousness.
This is the theory of success, it is with responsibility.

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