Friday, 6 November 2015


If these three things are interconnected then it leads to growth of the highest order. But if there is a clash amongst the three then an obstacle to growth is created .

Some people know but may not understand then knowledge simply remains a piece of information, some may understand but may not experience, then it remains an analysis without feeling, and some others experience but do not understand giving rise to feeling but not meaning.

People following the sanatana dharma largely fell in the category of experiencing but not knowing and understanding . Hence when the missionary indologists wrote and published translations of our holy scriptures in English language with slanderous meanings the subordinate Indians took it as a revelation.
One can easily observe that those who have become British in taste and are the so called refined prople are bereft of proper understanding of their own culture.

When Dharmic people create coherency at all three level of realities it gives them the legacy of sustainability.

The Pandavas were fortunate to know the power of Sri Krishna. They understood  from the great sages the capacity of Sri krishna and in the kurukshetra war they were fortunate to  experience  the power of Sri krishna. Hence their growth was sustainable.

On the other hand people like Karna and others had continuous conflict between knowing acting and feeling .They  took many wrong decisions leading to their death.

Does it make sense?

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