Wednesday, 6 January 2016


It is strange that we seldom learn from history and hence history  repeats its  patterns. Only the names of the characters and place of action changes.  It is true that one can never create a pure world and  such a world does not exist. The world  infact is full of duality.  Good will certainly bring the bad, if not today then tomorrow it will certainly come.
Once the great king,  Kartiviryarjuna  become arrogant, and puffed up, by the daily activities of ruling the kingdom and every body obeying him. One day he went to hunt in the forest. Being very thirsty, he visited the Ashrama ofJamdagneya Rishi. The king was expecting some comfort for his exhaustion but not great  luxury. 
The king was intrigued when he  was welcomed  with great opulence. 
He wondered how such an ordinary bramin could provide such an opulent treat?  What was the mystery?  Instead of simply appreciating, he wanted  to know the source of the host’s ability to entertain.
He heard from the inmates of the Ashrama that the  source of opulence  was the great Kamadhenu cow(wish fulfilling cow). The  king was determined  to have this cow for himself.    Jamdagney refused  to part with the cow saying, that “it is like asking me to give my pious credits to you , it needs to be earned by personal endevour. "
The king was in  no mood to listen, he became  violent and  dragged the cow by his military power .The cow did not budge, the King beheaded the sage, and carried his blood dripping head in front of the cow.  The cow started walking towards the sage as if following her loving guardian.
This  henious act of King Kartiviryarjuna was the turning point of his life .
Jamdagneya's son, Parashurama, the warrior brahamana, dismantled and destroyed the king by wiping out his kingdom .He fought till Aryavrata was freed from such demoniac kings.
There are many such episodes narrated in our dharmik traditions. These incidents indicate that a cow based prosperity has to be earned with grace and affection towards them. When force and brutality  is used there is bound to be violence and bloodshed .

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