Monday, 25 January 2016


When we decide to do something with certain reasons we  feel "we have taken the right decision for the right reasons." However at a later date we realise that there is a big gap between the right reason and the right decision.
To illustrate this we can study the examples of Arjuna and Hanumana.   Arjuna had great reasons for not fighting the battle, but not fighting was not a choice during the Kurukshetra conflict. Arjuna reasoned with Sri Krishna that fighting will create lossof life and how could he fight against those who were worship-able like Bhisma and Drona.
He reasoned that the ancestors would not beoffered due final rites which they deserved, womenfolk would be neglected and would be prone to exploitation and family traditions would be destroyed.
Sri Krishna did not object to his reasoning but questioned the decision of not fighting. 
Sri Hanumana on other hand made the amazing decision of accepting Vibhishana under Sri Rama's shelter.   But Hanumana's reasons for accepting Vibhishana were unacceptable to Sri Rama.  Hanumana reasoned that Vibhishana had no fault and he suggested that Vibhishan had come to take shelter of Sri Rama on hearing that Sri Rama was giving the kingdom to Sugriva by eliminating Vali. Sri Rama objected to Hanumana's reasons but was glad that Hanumana was wanting that Sri Rama accept Vibhishana.   Vibhishana s shortcoming was that he  had served Ravana for long and that he was Ravana 's brother.
Arjuna's reasons were worthy but his decision?
Hanumana's decision was wonderful but his reasons?
It is important to minimise the gap between the right reasons and the right decision so that there is a long lasting effect.
Right reason and a good decision is a great legacy maker.

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  1. Amazing logic and reasoning prabhu. Hari Bol