Friday, 29 January 2016


People ask between intention action and impact which is most crucial?   The simple and straight answer would be impact, since impact is the deciding factor.  But when we delve a little deeper we realize that the above answer  of "impact " is superficial and isolated.
The integral answer would be to harmonize the three. Good intention without right actions leads to perpetual confusion. Right action without right intentions are  mechanistic and there is no human sensitivity. Great impact without intent and right actions leads to short lived celebrations.It is like watching a movie that gives a great impact, but what intent is there and what actions were involved in impact is the real question.
When Bhisma decided to fight on behalf of the  kurus he had the great intention of being true to his vows, but his actions were anti-dharma and anti God. There was a conflict between intent and action.
When Karna decided to perform charity relentlessly, his action of charity was laudable, but what was his intention?
To eliminate Arjuna by the blessing received by such charity.
Duryodhana's victory during gambling match was impacting the kuru Kula.  There was  prosperity for the Kauravas, but their action and intentions were shady and brutal.  Another example is of Yudhsthira's lamentation after the war .The war was fought with good intentions and most of the time with right actions and  the impact was a Dharmik kingdom, but the colossal human loss  due to war caused perpetual pain to Yudhsthira maharaja.
Therefore dharma says try to  harmonise the three -intentions, actions and impact to the maximum degree possible .That is sanatana dharma. It may be difficult at times to be harmonious then certain rare compromises are suggested.  Those comprmises are apadha dharma, meaning emergency decisions.But apada dharma is not sanatana dharma.   when emergency become everyday dharma, then it is adharma.  Hence Balance and harmony becomes our responsibility.

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