Monday, 4 January 2016


Voice of the dead creates fear in our minds as we assume that the voice belongs to a ghost. This voice of the dead is a symbolic connotation.
It refers to studying  the history of the dead to learn something substantial.  Vidura spoke to Dhritharasthra when Duryodhana was born. He was wise enough to see death in future if this new born baby was allowed to live by the blind King in the future.The history of the dead kuru kula was probably reminding him of taking the right decision at the right moment.
King Bharata who was the ancestor of king Dhritharasthra was a dharmik ruler and hence for the sake of his citizens had renounced his useless and wasteful children, and  instead chose an outsider for the post of King.
“The dead spoke without speaking.”
When Gandhari saw her dead children  on the battlefield of Kurukshetra,  she did not learn her lesson. Her anger and pain made her curse rather than warn the other living members of the royal order.  She cursed Sri Krishna, that His family would die in a fratricidal war. She believed that her peace was in making pieces of  the royal family by their war.  The dead caused her to create more death in the future.
Yudhisthira on hearing from Arjuna the departure of the Yadavas from this world, including Sri Krishna and Balarama, was mortified. He was ready to move out of this world.  Disappearance of the lord made him lose all ties with this world, and made him contemplate on moving towards the ultimate destination.The departed spoke to him and he decided to move. He saw the death of all his family members as he moved, but he did not stop.
A dog was the only one who followed.
Indra came to take him to a higher realm, Yudhisthira denied and said that he would not go without the dog.
Indra was amused he asked  “ you have given up your family why not this this dog?”
Yudhisthira said, “ I gave up on my family  because they are dead and they cannot go along with me. This dog has been loyal and I shall not give up on him".  The dead Pandavas inspired Yudhishitra not to waste and to move on.
Eventually they were all united beyond birth and death in transcendence. Every one has a voice, including the dead.
Do we hear them?
Its our choice to hear the dead deaf or the dead living, does it make sense?

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