Monday, 11 July 2016


How can life experience death when death and life are opposite of each other?
Is it not that one lives life then enters into the domain of death for a short period and again repeats the journey of life in the next birth?
So death of life is it not a misnomer?
There is a difference between living a life which is meaningful and creating a legacy for the future generation versus  existing which is nothing but burdening the surroundings where we exist.
People who exist without purpose are dead from the beginning of their life.
They have nothing to contribute but pain and misery to oneself and their surroundings. 
People who live a life of gross self destructive paths end up doing nothing constructive to any one.
In the Mahabharata we read the story of Karna, Ashwathama and a few others. They chose a path of destruction caring for none and causing colossal  confusion and conflict.  
Sri Krishna met with Karna after the  peace talk with Duryodhana failed as Sri Krishna wanted Karna to live a meaningful life by choosing  a dharmik course. He suggested to him to give up the path of adharma by giving up his friendship with Duryodhana as there would be no fight if he gave up the friendship.
Sri Krishna also offered to Karna to be the King of Hastinapura since he was the eldest of all the pandavas.
Karna did not budge and he stuck to his guns.He chose to fight for Duryodhana knowing very well that he would be finished in the war along with entire Kuru clan.  He predicted his destruction in his talk to Sri Krishna.
Karna chose willingly and consciously to die for adharma  rather than trying to fight and live for dharma.
In Ramayana Maricha also chose the same path of self destruction in the service of Ravana. He chose to die for Ravana rather than living or dying for Rama.
Choosing our path is important.
Whether we are  living or existing?  Are we dieing for legacy or living a valueless life?

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