Sunday, 15 February 2015


The different decisions in life are taken based upon different considerations, but it all begins on the very gross platform food, shelter and clothing.  Beyond these basic needs men start thinking about philosophy. 
The system around us in this time and age is so arranged that consciously or unconsciously we struggle for these things. If we get  them then we increase the style of doing the same thing.  In other words the same food, shelter and clothing, with a brand attached to it. Over come starvation or show off the branded product. Philosophy stays way behind, obscured and foggy.
When life is led for collecting branded stuff, we become slowly suffocated in the web of complex life style. This is  anti spirit. Relationships are used for practical utility rather than using practicality for enhancing relationship.  Similarly religion becomes utility friendly rather than our most important necessities.
Interestingly, in the Mahabharata, one of the vicious consultants  who was invited by Dhrithrasthtra, after seeing the growth of the Pandavas was Kanika. He advised the King to do away with the atheistic people in the administration.  One may wonder then what is the difference between good advice and bad advice if Kanika was asking to do away with  the atheistic people?  The difference between the evil Kanika and the Dharmik Vidura who was the  advisor to the Pandavas, is that Kanika was using theism as a means to be selfish, and the Pandavas  were using theism to grow  and  for no other purpose other than doing the right things.  Therefore it is said, “ one is to do things rightly, and the other is to do right things."  
Kauravas were expert in doing things right, and Pandavas were working hard to do the right things.  Kauravas had become expert administrators, doing things rightly, but were they doing right things?
It is easier to do what is easy and nice but it is more difficult to do what is right and good.  It is easier to use right things for wrong reasons, but it is meaningful to use right things for right reasons. 
Look around the modern civilisation. It has become expert in doing things rightly, but for the wrong reasons.  So it is important to do things rightly , but to do rights things is more important. This was the difference between the Pandavas and the Kauravas.  The Kurus wanted branded stuff and the Pandavas wanted Dharmik activities.
Pandavas and the  Kauravas were great warriors but the purpose of fighting was completely different. The people who did things rightly lost it all. The people who did right things suffered, were ostracised for some time, lost everything for some time, but they never stopped doing right things.
 So it was a war between those were good at doing things, and those who always struggled to do good things. 

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