Monday, 9 February 2015


The atom is the smallest physical particle, having the most complex system of mechanism, therefore, the Upanishad says, “ every unit  emanating from the complete, is complete in itself. " The atom has fascinated those who have studied it and experienced it. Scientists have been humbled to see the depth of an atom.
A cell is a living micro organism living within this body.  A small cell can turn into huge living entity. Simply thinking about it brings goose bumps.It is another fascinating complexity of creation. 
Anything connected to nature studied with a proper approach has the power to fascinate us. How it is created, how it works creates fascination.  But why it works, what is the goal, or who makes it?  These questions, when pondered and contemplated upon have the power to give some glimpses of reality, which in turn gives rise to gratitude. How gives rise to fascination, why gives rise to gratitude. With these two we grow to be refined entities.
In the Mahabharata, Vyasadeva dealt with the power of the atom and the cell.  He stopped the power of the Brahmastra from being released by Arjuna and Ashwatthama.
Vyasadeva warned both the warriors about  the power of  Brhamastra, the ultimate atomic explosion. By Vyasadev's grace it stopped the destruction of the universe, but it was further directed to the womb of Uttara by the reckless Ashwatthama. However Krishna saved the life of Pariksita in the womb, the last surviving member of the Pandavas.
Gandhari once lost her patience on hearing the news of Kunti giving birth to Yudhisthira. She struck her belly resulting in the     the lump of flesh out of her belly .Vyasadeva by his unlimited energy and power made that chunk of flesh which had come out of Gandhari's embryo on striking into 100 sons of Gandhari.  
The cell and the atom were used in a  constructive and helpful way. They helped each other grow.  of course latter it was misused by Duryodhana and his party.
Modern progress today is tampering with the atom and the cell. Atomic  energy is used to create destruction and very little is used for benefits. Similarly the cell which is fully grown is sometimes aborted brutally.  Or sometimes the cell is used to modify genetically, so that it will survive forever and in turn the man can continue to live forever.  But the same science is also using the atomic energy to destroy all that is created within fraction of a second.
 When there is a clash of the atom and the cell in an opposite direction, it is certain that some intervention of the good sense of Vyasadeva is needed for society and the human race to be protected and to flourish. Otherwise we will Ashwatthamas who will manipulate atomic energy, and cause the destruction of human race all shall perish.  

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