Wednesday, 11 February 2015


We change the direction of our life based on some influence. These influences could be one or multiple, but they have the power to change the direction of our life. 
Arjuna was determined to whip the wrong doers on the battlefield of Kuruksetra, and he was waiting for this moment for more than 14 years. A little influence was about to change his decision. He was willing to give up his decision of fighting.  He saw all his relatives, specially Bhishma and Drona.  and he told Krishna, “ I find no reason to fight, I see only an opposite result  from this war, I shall not fight,” Arjuna  kept his bow in the chariot and was ready to move to the forest and  live life as a beggar.  What an influence, just seeing one’s relative, everything and every decision completely changed?
Krishna, did not do anything to change Arjuna's decision, but moved his lips, saturated with unlimited wisdom and compassion. And what a change, what an influence he created! He created a revolution and those words are still creating a revolution. This is the influence of the “Bhagavad gita.”  
What is this Bhagavad Gita, which had and the power to change Arjuna’s determined decision?
 It is a treatise of changeless and timeless wisdom, but applied according to the changing times.  Therefore any one who comes in contact with this knowledge will be made to think and change the direction of his life. The Gita does not change us, rather,  the Gita is like a good professor, who instigates us to ponder, think reflect, and decide with clarity about the choice of our decisions. 
It is Dharma-centric, not person centric, coming from supreme person. The concepts are universal and personal.  Hence it is relevant from a person’s point of view as well as from a global point of view. 
When, Einstein, became humbled, realizing the depth and complexity of an atom, he started looking for something metaphysical. One of the most influential book which satisfied his search for metaphysical knowledge, was the Bhagavad-Gita.  
 The Bhagvad  Gita has deep logical and clear concepts. The concepts are as deep as a mine and what you get out of it is no less than gold or diamond. Krishna’s clarity of thought to a confused Arjuna is simply amazing and applicable. 
People who have not read the Gita make an issue about it,  and those who read and apply the Bhagvad Gita also make an issue about it but the issue is beneficial and globally friendly.  
‘Why not read and make an issue in a positive direction? 

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