Thursday, 5 February 2015


An ordinary person requires a leader and some specific systems to grow.
He naturally lives a people centric life.  However a leader leads him, he follows with trust and confidence, keeping logic and reason far away from him. He does not have to work hard to keep logic and reason far away since he has not developed his logic and reason.
On other hand a person who is reasonable and logical has problems  following a leader and he faces problems with simple faith and trust.  He considers  trust and loyalty to be unfounded and cultist.  So he starts pursuing knowledge by the method of speculation, or by personal endeavour.  His conclusions are fluid and flowing.
He never comes to specific and distinct conclusions. For such an independent and thoughtful person, people guiding him become  an obstacle for his abstract thinking. Therefore they shun becoming formal students of a teacher.
The first kind of people have a potential to be safe if the leader is genuine, if not then they are hijacked into a sectarian and violent response towards any one who  is even remotely anti to their leader.
The second  kind of people have the safety of not becoming hijacked, they continue to remain independent, intellectually. So there is no question of they being violent towards people, physically, but their problem is their critical thinking  that leads them to suspect even the transparent leaders who are worthy of the trust of their subordinates.They believe that   anything which is organized is dangerously cultist  and miss the opportunity of developing affectionate spirit towards others.
The first kind of people are localized, and the second  class of people are  spread in all directions having no clear direction in their own thought process.
Therefore the Gita combines the two. It plays the dynamics of being localized as well as spreading every where.It has the leader in Krishna, and also has the energy of Krishna, which is depicted in the 10th chapter of Gita.There is the same spark in the splendor and glory, as it is in the source of the splendor and the spark.  Krishna implores Arjuna to appreciate the power while knowing the powerful and vice versa.
Krishna is there and His glory is there. Glory is appreciated and Krishna is appreciated. This balance is the beauty of Vedanta.
Knowledge is there and the knowledgeable is there.
When common man acknowledges the leader and the quality of leadership, they can appreciate that the same leader whom they follow is possibly available inother places.  Similarly the intellectual people can perceive the perspectives, but with the little humility and trust they can perceive the perspective and also perceive the same in the person who is demonstrating.
Therefore Gita tells what dharma is.
As a concept it focuses on Krishna as the upholder and the maker of that Dharma. The leader is there and the leadership is there.
God is there and godlines is there.
The soul and the supersoul, the energy and  the energetic simultaneously exist .
Knowledge is there and an institution of knowledge, which is called the Paramapara system, Guru Sisya Paramapara is there .Guru and sisya are there keeping the flow of Knowledge between the two of  them.
Knowledge and the  process is the goal, and gratitude and service towards  the giver and the facilitator is the life of the process.


  1. Hare Krsna prabhuji
    Dandavat pranam

    Prabhuji thank you for writing such a nice blog. Prabhuji I am unable to understand one statement which you mentioned in the blog.

    "The first kind of people have a potential to be safe if the leader is genuine, if not then they are hijacked into a sectarian and violent response towards any one who is even remotely anti to their leader."

    For a common man who has not developed logic and reason and is following a genuine leader, it appears to me that it is so difficult to not being sectarean.

    For example if a common man is following Srila Prabhupad and if he hears someone saying against Srila Prabhupad he will not be able to tolerate it.

    How can the common man come out of sectarean thought process.

    your aspiring servant

  2. Hk prabhuji, Please accept my humble obeisances!
    Thank you very much for your enlightening articles…
    A woman who is born and brought up with a simple life style and thinking , after entering into the so called higher education in the current society… gets lost “her ‘self ’ “… there is a caption saying, I was born intelligent, but education spoiled me” similarly the so called intellectuality which she has sharpened to grow further in her higher studies becomes a curse for her after entering into the devotional life, making it very complex … so she needs to do more hard work to erase all that intellectual stuff which has entered into her brain and start being a simple lady to lead a simple and uncomplicated devotional life ( going back to her original nature, before higher education…) it may take long time for her. Upon it, if such a woman gets exposed to many bitter experiences and failures one after another in her relationships, on the name of duplicitous and cheating nature of others, because of her own bad karma, there is every possibility of using her so called intellectuality again, to avoid duplicitous relations and thus avoid agony to her heart… (eventhough she loves to maintain loving relations in the community). while doing so, she may misunderstand the genuine people also and try to go far away from their love and affection… or even it could be done with great respect towards other great souls also, realizing truly her own level of insignificant devotion…”I don’t deserve this much causeless mercy kind of mentality”… Yet, a great hope is that, Exalted vaishnavas’ merciful and compassionate association can make any person come out of one’s conditionings very easily…be it ignorance or conditioned intellectuality…
    so, my doubt is that,
    1) what is it that such women who belong to the second category as you mentioned, need to take care of, to lead a simple devotional life… how can such devotees come out of critical thinking which spoils their devotional life as a whole…can you please clarify…
    2) what precautions one should take in building loving relations with all kinds of devotees in the community, where we see different mind setups bringing constant friction…can you please clarify…
    your servant
    Harsha Lalitha devi dasi

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  4. Sorry, i was traveling. simple people should be educated, and educated independent people should be given the experience of culturally dependent community spirit. leaders in society should be giving what people are lacking. loyalty without wisdom will create violence, and wisdom without dependence on society will create arrogance.

    1. Hare Krsna prabhujee ,
      Please accept my most humble obeisances at your holy feet!
      Went outstation for examination duty, just now could see your kind reply…
      To err is humane, but constant dishonesty, insensitivity, duplicitous nature & ingenuine harsh dealings of some leaders make the students get frustrated & totally withdraw from them as well as from the community after a very long & patient struggle… but, still there are some sensitive & genuine leaders who can uplift even such students to think, realize, feel & act with a proper spirit of community… what to speak of just coming out of such frustration, there is no question of not getting transformed of their conditionings ,through sensitive, cool & compassionate association of such great souls…, just like that of the “natural” blossoming of lotus bud with cool & sensitive moonrays… Harshness spreads harshness all around, love spreads love all around, similarly sensitivity & compassion too…Got the essence and confidence of taking the right spirit to our hearts & share it with our students & others in the community too… thank you very much once again for being such a sensitive & compassionate leader in the community, uplifting many people’s consciousness with such deep & enlightening articles…
      Dandavat pranam…
      Your servant
      Harsha Lalitha devi dasi

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