Friday, 13 February 2015


The Nisacara is one who lives a life of night out, moving about wandering for the sake of partying, and enjoying.  
Kumbhakarna represents quality of endless sleep. Non discriminative and desensitized to the needs of himself and others.
Marica is one who takes the shape of a deer in  the Ramayana. It is a typical example of those people who are fearful of everything, looking here and there for safety, even though their life is full of safety physically, but their belief system is to see danger every where they move about.
Gudakesha is one who is alert every time and every where. This is Arjuna’s character.
Nisacara are sensual therefore cannot see beyond themselves. 
Kumbhakarna are in the mode of tamo, inactive and lazy and a burden to those who maintain them. They are  not dependable Waking them up is  a huge project in itself.  
Maricas  are so restless and fearful that they never execute anything tangible, their decisions are always in the wrong direction. In the Ramamayana Marica preferred dying at the hands of Rama instead of Ravana but he failed to recognize, that, he was adding burden to Lord Rama, by being an instrument in the kidnapping of mother Sita.
Gudakeshas  are alert and active, for themselves and for others, they are society conscious , and therefore they are beneficial to others.
They are focused and broad minded,  flexible but not restless. Alert but not nisacara, can sleep but not like Kumbhakarna, and nor are they Marica, fearful and not following the order Dharma. 
We want  Gudakesha like Arjunas, who can fight all the Nisacaras , Kumbhakarnas, and Maricas of the world to create lasting peace and prosperity.

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