Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Anger is a lethal weapon of destruction.  The first thing that  anger does is to destroy the power of discrimination. It is equal in its brutality to one and all, foe or friends.  It is like a whirlwind which destroys the good and the bad without any discrimination.  Once the power of discrimination is lost the effect of destruction is collosol.
Anger makes one emotionally disturbed, intellectually poverty stricken,physically violent and spiritually offensive. The over all effect of anger is deadly.
Can anger be completely given up? No It is not possible because it is a part of our system. Some people express anger and some people exhibit it whilst some people suppress it but in all situations to empty it from our system is unnatural. How we make use of it is the art of anger management.
Lord Krishna, during the war of Mahabharata seeing Arjuna’s reluctance to attack  Bhishma and his avoidance in fighting with full capacity against  Bhishma ,became furious. Krishna  jumped off the chariot, carrying the wheel of the broken chariot and rushed towards Bhisma to give him a death-blow.  Arjuna seeing Krishna charging towards Bhisma became very concerned  and rushed towards Krishna to stop him from breaking his promise of not raising any weapons in the battle.  Arjuna pleaded with Krishna to avoid killing Bhisma and promised that he would kill Bhishma without any hesitation.  Krishna went back to his chariot, smiling within but angry without.
With whom did Krishna become angry? Bhisma or Arjuna? Apparently it was Bhisma, but in reality it was Arjuna. Krishna was angry at Arjuna for not doing his duty of stopping Bhismadeva from damaging the Pandava army.  Arjuna learned his lesson and the next day he made Bhisma fall on the bed of arrows.  Here Krishna’s anger was utility friendly. It had the power to shake some one out of his uncertainty in spite of him being aware of his duty.
Anger is like fire. It has the power to burn an entire city if it is uncontrollably released. If it is released with control it has the power to do marvellous things . The danger is always there but any thing which has to power to be used rightly has the flip side to it too.
Lord Krishna teaches this eternal principle to all of us.
 Avoid misuse of violence by all means, and use violence for meaningful things. The power to judge the utility or danger of anger lies with those who are free from passion whilst taking the decision.

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