Friday, 13 March 2015


Technically time is divided into three parts, past, present and future. But in reality time is not divided at all as all factors of time affect us simultaneously. Our past influences our present, and the present impacts our future.
For eg:- when we desire to do something that which we were unsuccessful at in the past then our present creates fear and lack of confidence. But on the other hand if we have had a repeated experience of success, then we tend to become confident and assured. Similarly our present success or failure creates an impact on our future.  If we have not studied or have lived a very indisciplined life, then our future will have reactions of these activities in a way that is not beneficial to us.  
Arjuna in the beginning of the Bhagavad-Gita was able to see time as a whole and therefore his vision was clear and sensitive. On the battlefield Arjuna was able to see his present duty, the  future consequences and  his past cultural influence. For him the consequences of was were disastrous--- war would bring death upon people, causing children  to become orphans. Orphans and unprotected women would be exploited, and exploited women would produce children who would not be taken care. This would result in children not performing the family rites of their ancestors after death that are recommended in the scriptures. Non performance of Vedic rites would disallow   ancestors from progressing to the higher realms of life. We observe that Arjuna’s vision was wholesome and he was asking Krishna what was the point in fighting such a war.
On other hand Duryodhana and his father saw only the present .They were fearful based upon their present situation . There was no enlightenment, only lamentation without any solution which was selfish and desensitised. They saw the time factor as broken ,disconnected and isolated.  
Therefore the great saint Narada told Yudhisthira that one should not take birth  or death seriously but should simply observe how time factor is moving.  One who sees the time factor as moving us from birth to life and death is unaffected because he knows that  death is one aspect of time not everything. Such a person is neither attached to the living nor fears death. Only when we integrate the time factor in our life do we experience this beautiful feeling of fearlessness . 
When Arjuna saw Lord Krishna’s universal form, he asked him, “who are you? “  to this Lord Krishna replied  “ I am the master of the time factor, destroyer of everthing.” Of course we know that he is also the creator and maintainers. 
 Know time and know the master of time.

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