Saturday, 21 March 2015


Some one has said that when we say," I want to help," it indicates  that we are  better situated and others are weak.  When some one says, "i want to fix," it indicates that other people are broken, and that we are fit hence we can fix them. These statements spring from ego. Helping and fixing does not change the consciousness of the world, only the externals are changed.  At the internal level or the condition of the soul we say , "I  want to serve." This gives rise to humility and fulfillment, because it is natural and it is our dharma to serve We want to serve, because it is our good fortune that we are able to act according to our nature.

In the Ramayana when the Rishis requested lord Rama to protect them from trouble caused by the demons, lord Rama said," how can you request me ? it is my good fortune, so please order me"
Yudhisthira was in  the same predicament when he was in the forest, many subjects  from Hasthinapura were following him.Yudhisthira told them to go back to Hasthinapura not because he did not want to serve them rather because he had lost all the resources to serve  his subjects .The  subjects wanted to follow him to the forest  because Yudhishthira  was an ocean of good qualities. Yudhishthira  said, "you are right  from your side in wanting to join me to the forest but from my side it is my duty and nature to serve you and there is nothing beyond this that I can do , and not serving you will cause  pain to me and even the Devatas"

Here we see that the enlightened king or a leader, serves not because his subjects or subordinates demand but rather because it is his core character and it is a favor upon him that he gets to serve his subjects.
In dharmik culture, even an ordinary person who is playing the role of a mother never asks her children to say "thank you mother for feeding and nourishing us". It breaks her heart when children say thank you .  She  says to her children, "no don't say thank you  it is my love  my duty, my nature as a mother to feed you ." she desires that her children learn to be grateful so she may say, please say thank you but in her heart she knows and feels that it is her duty to love and to nourish them.
These are the qualities of the soul  free from passion and ego.

We have to serve not fix nor help. Serving is our nature.
Helping and fixing is to compete with god, which is stupidity of the highest order.

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  1. Hare Krsna prabhuji

    Please accept my humble obeisances

    Prabhuji if we see someone in pain and I am not having that pain then is it wrong to want to relieve his pain. Then in that situation how does one sees that one is not in mood of helping but in mood of serving. Secondly there are some persons in the world who are very talented and powerful but don't have good samskaras and are doing widespread and severe exploitation of people for satisfying their senses. Is it wrong to want to fix them up to save many who are getting exploited by them. Thirdly as one gets educated spiritually, he is better privileged than others and then he thinks to share his experience with others to help those who are ignorant. Then in this situation although it is true that he is in superior position but still how can he think that he is not offering help to others but serving them.

    your aspiring servant
    Karan Gupta