Monday, 23 March 2015


We hear the concept of the sympathy wave within the democratic system. Whenever some one dies suddenly the relatives or the party take  advantage of this and pose the relative of the dead for the post and win the election, or occupy the post.
When a prime of minister of India died, her party facing election secured a thumping majority, and appointed her son as the next prime minister.  What was his qualification to be the prime minster of India, was it sympathy or his own qualification to lead the general mass?
It is interesting to observe our approach in selecting some one for an important post.  Whether it is choosing a husband for the daughter, choosing a wife for the son or appointing some one for an important position. It is invariably based on sympathy, affection, relation or something beyond real qualification to occupy that post.
In the Ramayana we see Kaikeyi was extremely affected by her affection towards her son. She sent lord Rama to the forest so that her son could become the next King.  Bharata was mortified and felt ashamed to be known as the son of Kaikeyi.  He made her understand that it was beyond his capacity to sit on the throne because it was meant  to be occupied by Lord Rama, whether from the perspective of qualification or legal family tradition the throne belonged to Rama.
Bharata’s perspective was very dharma-centric whereas Kaikeyi and similar such peoples perspectives are relation centric.  So they always choose their own people over qualifcation, therefore their ultimate productivity remains low and slow.
To occupy any post in this world requires hard work, enterprising skills and hard facts of our past successful ventures.—This is how management views the occupying of any post. True management is  neutral and gives a fair deal to one and all.
Management functions based upon achieving goals which are  system oriented. To choose some one who is qualified in implementing a particular system will bring probable success in one’s endeavor.  Therefore one may continue to remain affectionate and sympathetic but to take a decision and action based on these feelings is like playing a gambling match with the stake of success being dim and faint.
Therefore keeping our heart affectionate and our head unaffected will allow us to take the right decision when it comes to management.

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