Sunday, 29 March 2015


Things ,thinking and feeling are interconnected. If we gift things to people who we are close to us but give without thinking or feeling the recipient gets the thing but he can guess that it has been given without any feeling.
On the other hand when there is thinking  and feeling without the physical things then it amounts to day dreaming. One must think creatively, feel and then act physically to give shape to our thinking.
In  the Gita, Lord Sri Krishna told Arjuna on the battlefield, “If you offer me leaf, fruits, water and flowers, I shall accept it.”  One may raise this question, how could Arjuna offer that on the battlefield? In this instance  it is not the thing but the  thinking with love and devotion towards the Lord that krishna is talking about. What about the things ?
Lord krishna is saying that offer him things that are easily accessible. If Krishna had spoken the Gita elsewhere, where there was scarcity of water and fruits he would have said offer me dates, or anything which is easily available. Offer me things without being violent to others including not being violent to self  by inconveniencing oneself.
Sudama was Lord Krishna’s very close  friend.  Unfortunately he suffered immensely in family life because of poverty. Sudama was a self satisfied person and when poverty started affecting his children, Sudama 's wife expressed to her husband to go and approach his dear friend, Lord Krishna, to provide something for his children. She was confident that the magnanimous lord Krishna would never disappoint them .Sudama was eager to see his friend whom he had not seen from the time they both had left school.   Asking for something was a pretext to visit, but the real motive was to see his friend and spend some quality time with him . Sudama was eager to see his friend but was confused at how he could visit his friend without taking some gifts. What gifts could the poor Sudama  offer, other than simply thanking him for being his friend?  So Sudama carried the gift of dried chipped rice which his wife begged from and collected from a few houses.  Krishna accepted the gift rather snatched it from Sudama . Krishna relished the chipped rice with happiness as they were full of Sudama’s love. Love was there and the thing was also there.
When Krishna wanted to offer something to Sudama, he thought the wealth of the entire world is not enough as compared to the love of Sudama, and to compare that with anything of this world is stupidity and an insult to Sudama. Still  he had to give something. So krishna gave a house to Sudama that was full of Krisna 's opulence.
Sudama’s gift  was meagre  from his own point of view and Lord Krishna’s gift was also meagre from Lord Krishna’s point of view.  However, Sudama’s things from Krishna’s point of view were most valuable, because those things were saturated with love .
Do we understand this maths?  The maths of love, the  love of the loveable Lord and his devout devotees. Think about it!!

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