Friday, 3 July 2015


Doing things rightly is one thing but doing right things rightly is the perfection of efficiency.

It is seen seldom that right things are done with less efficiency because focus is on having the confidence of doing right things rather than also doing it rightly. 

In other hand we see the world we live in especially the modern technological world is extremely efficient centric.  Every technological invention increases the preciseness of its action and the effect, rarely failing.  The missiles hit the target as far as few hundred miles.   The modern medical industry has been braking through so many mysteries of  human anatomy.  The business world's goods are being sold in any part of the world any product within amazing quantity and quality, but what we have done with the life and multi faced relations itself.  We are doing things rightly but are they right things?  
Human intellect as developed skillful things but what about skills in relating to each other, the environment and the sensitivity for the future generation. Pollution of human mind is as deadly as the pollution of external environment.  In fact it's reflection of human heart and mind. The result is very challenging and looks unrepairable.  Human efficiency only centered around in regards to flying, driving, texting, calling and  is eating is bound to brake because it does not cover all the time zone.  It is present centric not legacy centric. 

Therefore Mahabharata forces us to see everything as one time zone.  All three spheres of time zone is like flowing waters of mother Ganga.  If the source is polluted the confluence in Ganga sagar will be disturbingly polluted and certainly the whole land scape through which Ganga flows. 

The Kurus headed by Shakuni, Karna and their leader Duryodhana where experts but in what? Certainly destruction.  Krpacharya, Bhisma and Drona were good and had a great school but whom were they using it, certainly to the side of destructive party.  Pandavas on other hand maneuvered by Sri Krishna were doing right things for right reason with a right intention, it was wholesome right.  Tough but right, challenging but fulfilling painful but meaningful.

The choice is ours which category we fall in? bad things rightly done-it's worst.  Bad things badly done-bad.  Righ thing badly done, good.   Or right thing rightly done- excellent pandavas.

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