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Dasharatha Maharaja, father of Sri Rama had a tragic life. The tragedy was caused by wealth, power and the birth of Sri Rama. Tragedy struck not due to misuse of resources but due to accidental mistakes and promises made by him.

Dasaratha maharaja wanting to please his citizens entered the forest to hunt wild animals.The wild animals would cause disturbance by attacking the city if they were allowed to roam free.   Unfortunately whilst hunting these animals Dasharatha accidentally killed Shravana Kumara, who was escorting his aged and blind parents. Dasaratha had mistook the sound of the filling of water pots as animals drinking water and through a sonic weapon had attacked. He killed the person by sound recognition. Shravana's father  cursed Dasarath to experience the same pain  of separation as he was experiencing on the death of Shravana.

Dasaratha was shell shocked and never revealed this story to any one. He did not know what kind of separation and pain he would encounter.  Would it be the death of his son or would his son go out of Ayodhya? The uncertainty added to the misery. The anticipation and not speaking to any one about this curse led to insurmountable suffering.
Secondly, when Dasarath was about to marry Kaikeyi his third wife, her father put a condition saying  that only her son would be the next king. Eager and bereft of sons from other wives Dasaratha consented.  But with the birth of Sri Rama and other sons Dasaratha maharaja realized his folly.
How could any one other than Sri Rama be king?
But Dasaratha had promised that Kaikeyi's  son Bharata would be king.
No one knew about this promise not even Kaikeyi and Bharata.
Therefore when Dasharatha maharaja decided to coronate Sri Rama he did not  let Bharata know  about the coronation what to speak inviting him. Bharata was at his uncle 's place at the time of the coronation.

Strangely enough Dasarath Maharaja  successfully crossed these problems and Sri Rama's coronation was about to take place when Kaikeyi struck. She reminded  Dasharatha of the benediction which he had given her. Dasharatha was unprepared for this .  He had promised her two benediction when she had helped him in s battle.  Granting the benediction to Kaikeyi  made him  experience the pain of separation from Sri Rama and Bharata's ruling of Ayodhya.

Through this story and other stories of Ramayana we learn how life operates in this world.

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