Thursday, 30 July 2015


Yudhishthira Maharaja heard from Markandeya Rishi about the disadvantages of a long life.  The rishi narrated a story of the discussion between the sage Baka and Indra. Baka had  a  long life hence Indra asked him the disadvantages of a long life.
Baka said, “One of the main problem with  a long life is that you have  to stay with those people  with whom you cannot relate . One has to suffer the death of dear one’s continuously, unfortunately one is forced to associate with unwanted people.  One is forced to see the death of his wife, children and relatives.  For sustenance one has to depend on outsiders, and they certainly neglect if not ridicule.”
The mundane world offers the pain of a short life and the disadvantage of a long life  There are some good sides and some bad sides , but to think that one enjoys immensely the long life span is  superficial . People who live long lives  are living for the sake of living  without contributing much to anyone's life.
Dhritharasthra survived beyond the death of his sons. It was not a happy life, and neither was it a fulfilling life .
He had a very strong desire to stay in this world even though  he was ridiculed by Bhima. He did not want to get rid of this useless life, till Vidura put sense in his blinded and depressed ego. What a curse to be living a long life without contributing anything.
Therefore one great devotee  (the descendent of Pandavas )Parikshita when he was cursed to die within seven days, he did nto pray to the lord to keep him alive for the sake of living, rather he prayed, “if I have to come back then I would prefer complete affection to lord Sri Krishna, association of saintly people, and compassion or friendliness towards all suffering people."
Dharma tells us that if you can stay long and do something good then it is a good life, but living a long life and simply dragging it becomes a burden on  others.
Think about it make a choice of life which is meaningful and fruitful.

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