Sunday, 26 July 2015


Hanumana is a non controversial personality. There are no disputes in regards to his activities.  He brings excitement and bliss to one and all, old or young, men or women.
Hanumana represents, Bhakti, Shakti and Yukti.  Bhakti represents his devotion, shakti represents his resources, and yukti represents his strategy.  This combined force is the force of positivity. It builds,protects, unites and destroys the power of adharma.
In this world, being right is good but being resourceful to push right is important. Being right gets diluted if the resources are limited.  Resources and skills are not compelete without the culture of devotion.
Hanumana is the personfication of these three which constitute completeness.  When he flew to Lanka to look for Mother Sita, he had devotion towards Sri Rama, that was the impetus.  However devotion without action is sentimental.  Hanumana had  the resources and along with powerful resources and devotion he had great strategy.
When he found mother Sita he gave her the message of full  reassurance of her delivery. He found out how Lanka, the kingdom of Ravana appeared as a part of  his study for future attack. He got caught by his own will and gave a warning to Ravana in a very tactical way.  Evenutally he gave the glimpse of Sri Rama’s power by burning the lanka.
One important quality along with bhakti shakti and yukti was mukti from pride of being successful.  Hanumana was a performer of herculean taks but he was humble and meek like a shy introvert  child.
This combination is the dream of all those who are aspiring to be successful.
Let us bring Hanumana back into our life by becoming the soldiers of Hanumana.  Not to destroy but to construct the broken life of people.  Mother Sita represents prosperity, Sri Rama is the husband of that prosperity.  If Sri Rama and Sita are together then Ayodhay will be happy.
We need skills, resources and the culture of devotion, that is like Hanumana being present everywhere.


  1. I had heard the gist of this as follows : Hanumanji is a triveni sangam of shakti yukti and Bhakti

  2. I had heard the gist of this as follows : Hanumanji is a triveni sangam of shakti yukti and Bhakti