Thursday, 9 July 2015


Kala is loosely translated as time.  In Bhagavad-Gita Sri Krishna explains kala as power which manifests as destructive energy and also it is creative energy.  The beauty of Gitopanishada is that it presents the story of anything connected to this world from both the side, the destructive as well as constructive.  It has power to present reconciliation. Because reconciliation is natural phenomena of this  world. 

Therefore time presented as hurting at times and at other times it heals.
In fact life is so designed in this world and time is major contributor of this phenomena. The entire Vedic source of knowledge gives us this perspective.   Kala purusha has the audacity even to humbly request the lord the creation to wind up His activity in the mortal world when He comes as Avatara.   When Sri Rama came as Avatara in the conclusion of his pastimes kala purusha(time personified) came to him asking for personal audience, he said Sti Rama to wind up his pastimes in that particular time zone.  Sri Rama respected kala's request because the lord of creation does not defy his own law even though He is beyond law.

Sri Krishna eventually accepted the so called  curse of  sages given to his sons and grandsons for destruction of His yadu clan.   He thought the lessons to all those who want to permanently create their impression by avoiding the influence of time.  No one in this world has the power to create permanent influence in the works, it is sheer foolishness because time simply By its presence makes every one and every great civilization to go into oblivion. 

Therefore the lord of the time descends down to this world time and again just so that balancing is done.  Sri Krishna mentions in Gita about how knowledge becomes obscured because of time but then he spoke to Arjuna to review the wisdom which was covered over. 

This the complexity in how time and lord of time functions.  Becoming and unbecoming. This the drama of life and also the things of this world also moves on this principle

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