Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Breaking requires brutality without limits. Building or bringing people requires real valour, not the valour of sword but the valour of a large heart, deep thoughts, sharp intellect, fierce actions and the disposition of an innocent child. One may question whether such a combination exists in humanity?
The seeker of the ideal looks for these kind of people to worship, adore and emulate. They are folks of the swan club, the swan which is known for extracting milk from water.
The Ramayana consistently depicts this ideal amidst brutality.
Bharata had kingship on his platter offered  by the father, agreed by Sri Rama and conceived by Kaikeyi on the instigation of evil Manthara but he strived for the ideal and united all afflicted parties as one family. Ayodhya was united to bring back Sri Rama to their kingdom. 
Sri Hanumana had the choice to serve King Vali or the homeless Sugriva. He knew very well that Sugriva had little chance to reclaim the kingdom from Vali. In such a situation Hanumana did not desert Sugriva. He eventually united him with Sri Rama his family and citizens. 
What was Hanumanji's gain?  Complete satisfaction.
Jatayu tried to unite Sri Rama and Sita while instructing Ravana to have coherent thoughts and actions which were harmonious with the laws of nature .Jatayu failed in his life and success was out of his reach but satisfaction of doing the right thing? That became his reward for eternity.  He is ever glorified in the pages of Ramayana.
When citizens of Lanka experienced disaster caused by Sri Rama's army, they did not blame Sri Rama, but  blamed the cruel and insensitive  Surphankha for their ordeal. She was brutal in breaking for the satusfsction of her ego.
Similarly there are forces in this world who organise their life in ways to break families, societies and nations.  They may get success, but what about happiness?
Therefore it is pertinent to have the right vision .

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