Friday, 11 March 2016


Kurukshetra the town is a reality which can be experienced by all of us. But Kurukshetra the battle field of Mahabharata, how can we believe, feel or experience?
Kurukshetra of Mahabharata is an eternal reality .Our experiences of life lead us to make an attempt to understand the freshness in the dilemma experienced by Arjuna.
The over all structure of Mahabharata is the representation of a continuum of conflict in the heart of a sincere Dharmik person.
The conflict always being to fight the war or to do away with it ?
In fighting one may become a stimulus to causing pain to one's dear and near one's like grand father Bhisma and Drona. In not fighting one may cause perpetual violence to the civilization for a long time .
This confusion of Dharmik Arjuna is the central theme of the Gita and many Dharmik characters of Mahabharata. The conflict being  in the process to be used to eliminate the non dharmik characters.
The  non dharmik have no conflict. They have clarity of what action to perform and why to perform.
They are selfish and want success at any cost.They know the rules of the game.The Dharmik person has clarity in what he wants but he experirnces conflict in how to achieve what he wants.
He wants dharma to flourish but he is cornered in regards to how to achieve it. This is an eternal dilemma for the good people.
The good people  struggle to deal with the bad, fearing that  they may end up being bad themselves. They also know that if they don't deal with the bad people then more destruction and suffering will prevail.
Therefore Sri Krishna teaches them the art being good without becoming nasty and using diplomatic strategies to eliminate the bad.
This process causes a continuum of struggle of inner reflection and self analysis in the life of Dharmik people like the Pandavas. Eventually dharma prevails in their life with the  help of Sri Krishna.
Such Kurukshetra is an eternal reality for all of us. Why not learn the art of fighting the war from Kurukshetra ?The war between the physical  emotional and the intellectual conflict.
Does this not make Kurukshetra real for you and me forever?

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  1. Good Article. Yes Kurukshetra IS REAL for you and me forever