Saturday, 5 March 2016


The human mind experiences confusion in variety, but one who is elevated sees variety as the power of divinity manifesting every where. 
Sri Krishna in  the Bhagavad Gita says, "one who sees me in everything and everything in me, is never lost to me nor am I lost to him."

Seeing Brahman everywhere is not an artificial imposition on the mind or some  brain washed intelligence rather it is an experience of eternal and fundamental principles.  Therefore sanatana dharma and the laws of nature are synonymous. It is said that dharma is not man made.
It is experienced by sensitive human beings by the process of Yoga. 

The great Pandavas could not give up dharma, because dharma was every where for them to experience and perceive. Their conviction in dharma was internal and not based on the influence of an external bombardment by a teacher.
Teachers are great benedictions but not those teachers who teach  specific exams.They are tutors, they prepare us for exams.
Teachers facilitate and empower us to experience and translate experiences of life into wisdom and help create an ability to handle diverse experiences, thrive in them rather than being thwarted by them, to grow and to translate the confusing and conflicting diversity .

Duryodhana was leading a great life and was blind to the realities of life. He never expected his relatives to ever challenge him.
His mother was affectionate to him and his father was infatuated by him. His brothers were submissive and idolised him.The Pandavas came and shattered his world. He could not handle the different and non confirming experiences.This diverse relation incapacitated him .He wanted to destroy the Pandavas. 

The dharmik Pandavas were trained to be masters in handling diversity .   Duryodhana tried to destroy the Pandavas in many ways.

Duryodhana denied diversity and chose to be a part of the deadly and brutal colossal death of large people. Uniformity in brutal death. Pandavas continued experiencing diversity as they did from the beginning of their childhood till their final destination.


  1. Very true...
    Life never stops us teaching & thus one can never stop learning too. The best teacher is one who teaches from the heart & the best student, who learns by putting his heart. Japanese proverb says, “Better than a thousand days of diligent study, is one day with a great teacher”. A sincere student is always ready to take the hardship of those rare, but golden moments of learning from a great teacher and the best student always feels joyous experience in being defeated in front of his great teacher in the process of learning … Cos the teacher is too sweet in teaching & the process of learning as well…One must have many such great experiences in one’s life…Cos learning is sweet & eternal… and the best teacher can be our guru or the nature or our life too…
    Thank you very much for the wonderful article
    Harsha Lalitha devi dasi

  2. This makes me reflect that probably one of the tests of a good leader is his ability to accept diversity at all 3 levels - his seniors, peers as well as his subordinates. He doesn't prefer to be surrounded by 'yes men' and doesn't feel threatened by individuality and originality.